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“In 2019, we had a choice of walking across the Bravery Trust bridge or falling off the edge of the cliff. We will be forever grateful for the lifeline which Bravery Trust gave us.”

“I was flat broke. Didn’t have so much as a coin in my wallet.”

“My partner and I had just bought a house, so our savings accounts were dead empty when, just days before our first mortgage payment was due, I suddenly found my income reduced by $500 per fortnight.

“That $500 we’d factored into the budget was money to put food on the table and keep the lights on. In an instant, it was gone, as was any chance of pulling together enough cash to pay my car rego and some other household bills.

“Someone suggested I call Bravery Trust, so despite feeling overwhelmingly ashamed to do so, I picked up the phone. On the other end of the line was a group of people so kind, caring and supportive who just wanted to help… and help they did. The support from Bravery Trust got us through a tough time so we were able to rebuild our financial security, despite the loss of income.

“The day I received help from Bravery Trust, I told myself I would pay it back tenfold. Well, I haven’t quite reached tenfold yet, but it is in the works. In the meantime, I’ve made a commitment to do all I can for this incredible organisation, so I can pay it forward to other Veterans who also need the help I received.

“On 29 October 2022, I participated in the amazing fundraising challenge called Bravery Trek. I took on the challenge of cycling 57km from Maitland to Dungog. The former is my current home, while the latter is where I grew up, and most importantly, where I was living when I enlisted in the Army.

“In a way, it feels like a homecoming for me, so what better way than to share it with Bravery Trust, who got me through a tough time in the past.”

We are grateful for Tara’s ongoing support of veterans and the great work she does to raise awareness of the support available to veterans in financial stress.

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Bravery Trust
Bravery Trust