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Defence Connect podcast Belinda Murray

In a podcast with Defence Connect, Belinda Wilson – Bravery Trust CEO and Murray Bruce, Bravery Trust ambassador and vice-president science, engineering and technology at Leidos Australia talk about the work of Bravery Trust and the success of Bravery Trek. Below are just a few choice quotes, to listen to the entire podcast see the link below.

“We are preventing homelessness – we’re relieving that immediate pressure point for the family – and then our financial counsellors, who are veteran-specific financial counsellors, will work longer term with the family or the individual.

“What’s the cause of the financial stress, how can we build some resilience in there. It may be negotiating with banks to reduce, to wipe debt, to consolidate debt, and then our financial fitness coaches what they do is that longer term approach.

“We’re arming everyone with the necessary tools  …. So they’ve got those tools to never be in crisis or if they find themselves in crisis, know how to climb out of crisis.”

Belinda Wiilson – Bravery Trust CEO

“We often get veterans and serving people feel that they’re backed into a corner; and that there’s no one in their corner helping them out.

 “I saw this an invaluable way that when you feel you’re painted in that corner to be able to help you out of it, but also to give you the skills to be able to be able to avoid going back into the corner again and the difference that can have on a life.”

Murray Bruce – Bravery Trek Ambassador

“It’s the old adage of teaching a man to fish right, you get them and support them when they need to, but after that you’ll take them on the journey and make sure that they are capable and ready to front future crisis.

“I very much appreciate that because financial literacy is such a challenging thing…. and to support people on that journey is incredibly important.”

Liam Garman – Editor Defence Connect

PODCAST: Setting veterans up for success, with Bravery Trust CEO Belinda Wilson – Defence Connect

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