Pete Arbuckle

“I served 8 years in the Australian Army, before being medically discharged in 1997 following a motorcycle accident.

“I wish there was something like Bravery Trust around at the time, but there was nothing and it was tough, there was no one to help.

“Fast forward to 2015, when I required a lower leg amputation. It was at that point that I was fortunate to be able to obtain vital assistance from Bravery Trust.

“There’s so much to deal with during recovery, it’s a tough journey… on top of rehabilitation and medical appointments, there’s internal struggles, a search for purpose, what job will I get?

“Having Bravery Trust there to help out when things got too much – it was a life changer. They helped out with some urgent expenses so that I could focus on my recovery.

“Bravery Trust really does change lives and I highly recommend anyone who’s facing hardship to reach out – things might be tough right now, but you will find a way out, don’t be afraid to reach out and seek help.”

During recovery, Pete found wheelchair basketball, and then wheelchair rugby league. He has represented Australia at two
Invictus Games, winning gold in Sydney, and vice captaining the wheelaroos to the semi finals at the 2022 Rugby League
World Cup in England.

Supporting Those Who Serve

Bravery Trust
Bravery Trust