Navy Veteran Dives Deep for Bravery Trek

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We thought 4 marathons in 44 days was a huge challenge – but how about 4 marathons in less than 44 hours!!! Wowee!!

Navy veteran Peter Scott has taken our Bravery Trek to a whole new level, running 173.5km around the famous French Alps.

Getting an early jump on this year’s Trek, Peter completed the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc event in France, finishing his 4 marathons in under 43 hours whilst also clocking up more than an Everest in elevation; amassing 10,015m of climbing.  Post-race Peter said it was the toughest race he has ever done “by a long shot.”

The Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc has grown to be the world’s leading trail event and is the inspiration behind the creation of the UTMB World Series circuit, based on the same founding principles: surpassing one’s limits, fair play, respect for people and the environment and solidarity.

Peter is a retired RAN Commodore, submariner, author & executive coach.

It is Peter’s second time joining Bravery Trek to support veterans who are doing it tough financially, often through no fault of their own.

He said: “It’s important we do what we can to lend them a hand given their commitment to service. It’s equally important we make accessing that support as easy as possible.”

Earlier this year Peter published his first memoir ‘Running Deep: An Australian Submarine Life’. In it, Peter reflects on his own personal challenges whilst serving over 30 years in the Submarine Arm of the Royal Australian Navy.

You can donate to this year’s Trek here.

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