Kokoda Trail

Walk in the steps of the diggers and ‘stand in history’ on Anzac Day. The Kokoda Trail is one of the world’s most spectacular and challenging treks, stretching 96km it marks the course of one of the most important battles for Australians in WWII.

Event Details

25 April each year

Kokoda Trail, 
Papua New Guinea

Kokoda Trail Challenge

Since 2019, Aurora Adventures has partnered with Bravery Trust providing a unique way to show your support for those who serve our country.  

Join us to pay your respects to Australian wartime history and gain insight into the challenges faced by our troops, while fundraising to improve the lives of Aussie veterans.   

Positions are open for 2025, with our tour group to arrive at Brigade Hill on Anzac Day. Trekkers will undertake a 12-week remote pre-adventure training program or, in states with more than 10 trekkers, an 8-week supervised training program.

The tour group will fly out from Brisbane 20 April 2025 directly to Port Moresby.  The 10-day trek concludes 29 April.

For enquiries contact Aurora Adventures:

T 0410 608 800

E info@auroraadventures.com.au

To participate click here for more details.

Or support our Kokoda Trail participants here.

For what they have done, and continue to do, it is our mutual obligation – the obligation of all Australians – to show our support for Aussie veterans injured during service.

Supporting Those Who Serve

Bravery Trust
Bravery Trust