Governor-General launches 100km challenge supporting veterans

Bravery Trust

A 100km challenge to raise funds and awareness for Aussie veterans in financial hardship has been launched by the Governor-General of Australia.

His Excellency General, the Honourable David Hurley and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley joined veterans walking a lap of Government House to clock up his steps as part of the official launch of Bravery Trek. 

“The Trek really is an opportunity to allow Australians to say thank you and acknowledge the service of our serving men and women and support of the families,” the Governor-General said.

“In Veterans’ Health Week, get out there and do 100km. Support our veterans, support their families, support Bravery Trust and send a very special message out to our serving men and women and our veterans.”

This week is Veterans’ Health Week, encouraging veterans and their families to ‘Get Moving’. 

Bravery Trek challenges veterans and the broader community to trek 100km in 50 days, while raising awareness and vital funds for serving and ex-serving members of the Defence Force who have been injured during service. 

This year’s Trek is themed to commemorate the Air Force centenary – 100km for 100 years.  Participants can choose to run the whole 100km, or mix it up and run, walk, cycle and wheel their way to 100km to support Aussie veterans.

Repatriation Commissioner Mr Don Spinks said: “Bravery Trek is an outstanding activity … it gets people moving, gets them energised, gets them activated; kudos to Bravery Trust for coming up with this initiative and particularly during this week (Veterans’ Health Week).”

Bravery Trek is held by national military charity Bravery Trust, which provides an immediate financial safety net for those in hardship.  Mr Spinks said the work of Bravery Trust in providing a financial counselling service, as well urgent financial aid, was particularly important to empower veterans and improve lives.

“Really they’re helping the veteran and their family manage whatever resources they’ve got coming in more efficiently, more effectively and it’s that counselling that is really invaluable – it’s teaching the veteran, if you like, how to fish … so they get back up on their feet and stand by themselves, and really that’s the ultimate aim of Bravery Trust.”

Chief Executive Officer Belinda Wilson said Bravery Trust was aiming to raise $100,000, which will go directly to veterans in need.

“Importantly, Bravery Trek also helps to spread the word about our services, and reach out to veterans who need help – or those who know someone in need,” she said.

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Bravery Trust
Bravery Trust