Gordon was medically discharged in 2006 with severe neck trauma, as well as lower back and knee injuries after serving in the Australian Defence Force for more than a quarter of a century.

During this period the PTSD took hold. Gordon lost his job and his identity, but with the support of his family, he rediscovered his passion for photography.

“Following my discharge, my mind was like Swiss cheese,” Gordon said. “I can’t tell you what I was thinking or feeling during much of that time. It must have been getting bad, then one day, my wife Shona ordered me out of the house to find a hobby. That’s when I discovered my passion for art and photography – I’ve been captivated by it ever since.”

Gordon served 28 years in the military (including a tour of Iraq). As a Warrant Officer Class Two, Gordon was an expert leader and trainer who is now totally and permanently incapacitated as a result of his labour.

A couple of years ago, Alice, Gordon’s daughter, required major surgery to address a congenital condition, they were distressed – the out of pocket expenses going well beyond their TPI pension. Bravery Trust stepped in to fund Alice’s surgery, helping her at a critical developmental juncture.

Alice’s Mum, Shona, recalls; “Bravery Trust’s financial help was invaluable, and the change the surgery made to our daughter’s life immeasurable.”

Supporting Those Who Serve

Bravery Trust
Bravery Trust