Financial stress exacerbated my PTSD…

Gary Daly was overwhelmed by worry about his finances and his children, but it was the threat of losing his car that brought the stress to a head.

Having served four years, including deployment in Iraq, Gary was discharged with physical injuries sustained during his service and PTSD. Now 54 and divorced with two children, Gary says he was struggling to keep up with his car repayments because his loan terms had changed.

“I was living one confusing day at a time and my kids didn’t know what I was going through. I don’t have close friends and my anxiety exacerbated my PTSD,” he says.

Bravery Trust stepped in and helped negotiate with Gary’s finance company and managed to save him a significant amount on the car repayments. They also spoke to the bank on his behalf and successfully had some credit card bills waived.

“Bravery Trust helped me get a better deal which took the stress off my finances and they set me up with a financial counsellor,” Gary said.

“This has enabled me to make my home more comfortable for my kids when they stay. I can’t thank Bravery Trust enough for helping me when I really needed it.”

It’s brave to ask for help

If you, or someone you know is in financial hardship, a current or former member of Defence and has been physically or mentally impacted by service. Call us on 1800 BRAVERY.

The bravest journeys can’t be taken alone.

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