FLTLT Adon Lumley has been endorsed as Bravery Trust’s first current-serving Ambassador

Adon joined the Royal Australian Air Force in Jan 2003 and has been instrumental in developing strong relationships between Bravery Trust and Air Force and the Australian Defence Force Aussie Rules teams.  He represented Bravery Trust and Air Force earlier this year at the Australian Football League Anzac Day eve match between Richmond and Melbourne.

Adon is a qualified Navigator, Operation Officer and Air Traffic Controller. During 2021 he was appointed Aide-de-Camp to the Chief of Air Force which lead to the career re-vector into his current position within Defence Space Command. He has flown missions in support of Operations RESOLUTE and ASTUTE and deployed on Operation Philippine Assist the wake of Typhoon Haiyan and to South Sudan as a United Nations Peacekeeper on Operation Aslan.

Adon was awarded the 2021 Chief of Air Force – Officer Instructor of the Year Award as the first simultaneously dual qualified instructor at both the School of Air Traffic Control and the Air Mission Training School, and is involved in the delivery of the Leadership Enrichment Program to RAAF junior officers and enlisted personnel.

He has strong passion for sport, particularly AFL and an insatiable urge for travel, having been to more than 50 countries.

Adon believes his role as an Ambassador affords him the opportunity of deepening his commitment to helping veterans in need of support – particularly being a current serving member of Air Force.

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