Growing up, Emily wasn’t exposed to the foundations of financial literacy or budgeting skills. She studied hard, achieved a degree and worked full time before joining the Australian Defence Force, however, despite her flourishing career, she struggled to get ahead financially. 

Loans and expenses continued to accumulate, and Emily was not in a secure financial situation, despite her full-time role in service. The more she earned, the more she was spending. 

“I thought I was doing okay, because my income was good. I never took a proper look at where it was going, I didn’t see how it was snowballing”. 

Emily heard about Bravery Trust through a work colleague, and after some hesitation decided to make one phone call that would change the trajectory of her financial future. Working with a Bravery Trust Financial Counsellor, Emily submitted all her financial statements and loan obligations and together, through counselling sessions, they were able to establish a workable money plan that has given Emily immediate relief to the anxiety and stress she was living with.  

“It was just so nice to speak to someone who knew exactly what she was talking about, who didn’t judge me. Now I’ve got financial support on my home front, and I’m in a better position to make my retirement more secure”. 

Emily says she now makes it a focus to start conversations with other service members about their financial situations and break down the taboo of discussing income. 

“We see members join from 17, 18, straight out of home and, like me, they don’t have the tools or knowledge to manage their finances.  

“Finances are a major factor in a member’s home life, and mental health”. 

“After receiving support from Bravery Trust, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I now have plans for my future, I have savings, I have financial plans. I am better off, and I have a better future”.

*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality and identity.

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