Brothers N Books podcast with Garth Callender

Garth Callender bros n books podcast

“I’m such a believer in making ethical decisions, so being able to calibrate your moral compass, understand what’s right, understand what the rules are, understand what the consequences of your action might be and whether that’s what you think is right and good.”  

Our chair Garth Callender, featured on the Brothers N Books podcast. 

He also spoke about the importance of the work we do at Bravery Trust.

“There is still a somewhat broad belief across society that a lot of/majority of people who have been in the military are somehow broken from their service. Which I refute – and say most leave standing and smiling. 

“But I do that work at Bravery Trust, I do see those who have seen humanity at their worst and have paid an ongoing price for that … people get physically broken from it and they don’t always recover from those things – there is that percentage that needs assistance.”

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