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1 September 2024

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About Bravery Trek

Bravery Trek celebrates the service of Australian veterans, specifically those who serve and have served during contemporary wars – and raises vital funds to provide financial support to veterans who have been injured or sustained illness during service. 70% of veterans who receive support from Bravery Trust are aged 50 years or younger.

Bravery Trek is held during Veterans’ Health Week (October) each year. It is a virtual distance challenge meaning anyone can join anywhere. Run, swim, cycle, paddle, wheelchair or push a pram – all participants help engage veterans who may need support and those who can refer a friend.

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Past Trek Snapshots

Bravery Trek 2023

$103,858 raised

Bravery Trek 2023 challenged participants to run, walk, ride, roll or swim 4 marathons in 44 days to raise funds and initiate conversations about what it means to serve and the challenges faced by some members when they transition from the ADF into civilian life.

While most logged kilometers in stages, Murray Bruce (navy veteran and Bravery Trek Ambassador) and a small group of runners ran 4 full marathons in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Murray also topped the fundraising leaderboard for a third year in a row.

Theme 4 marathons in 44 days for our veterans
Dates 17 September – 31 October 2023
168.8km (4 marathons)
Participants 228

Bravery Trek 2022

$108,033 raised

Themed around the Royal Australian Navy, with a virtual route around Sydney Harbour incorporating key Naval bases and sites of historical significance. The 57km challenge is the distance from North Head to South Head and coincides with the sum of 57 ships, boats, submarines, and bases in the Navy.

A group of veterans and sponsors ran the entire 57km route on launch day, and finished at HMAS Watson for a formal launch event.  A podcast was shared with all participants covered the history of iconic locations along the route.

Theme Head to Head, home of the RAN
Dates 10 October – 10 November 2022
57km from North Head to South, Sydney Harbour
Participants 294

Bravery Trek 2021

$112,267 raised

A virtual distance challenge of 100km in 50 days to show support for all those who serve while commemorating the Air Force centenary.

Participants were provided snapshots of the Air Force history and key milestone achievements over its esteemed 100 year history.

Navy veteran Murray Bruce ran the 100km journey around Canberra on launch day, as a joint virtual entry to both Bravery Trek and the Marine Corp marathon.

Theme 100km for 100 Years of Air Force
Dates 16 October – 5 December 2021
100km in 50 days
Participants 414

Bravery Trek 2020

$93,000 raised

The inaugural Bravery Trek in 2020 saw participants tackle 96km over 30 days – the same distance as the full length of the Kokoda Trail. The challenge was broken into 5 legs with the start and finish of each leg corresponding with the key battle locations that tell the story of this historic WW2 campaign.

The Kokoda Trail campaign was a series of Second World War battles that took place between July and  November 1942 involving combined Australian and Papuan troops fighting against Japanese Forces. The campaign is often referred to as the battle for Australia, as Japanese success may have led to the Australian mainland being cut off from its allies. It exemplified the bravery and determination exhibited every day by Australian servicemen and servicewomen.

Theme Kokoda Trek (Australian Army)
Dates 24 October – 23 November 2020
96km virtual trek
Participants 402
Challenge Coins

As a symbol of our mutual friendship and for the support of our mission, every high-achieving Bravery Trek participant who raises $150 or more to support Aussie veterans is awarded one of our cherished Challenge Coins.

A new Challenge Coin is released each year to reflect the changing themes of Bravery Trek and provide a special keepsake for those who return year after year to show their support for those who serve.

Bravery Trek Challenge Coin 2023

Supporting Those Who Serve

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