A Passion of service met with a passion for football

LT Lumley and Belinda

“Coming here (MCG) is particularly special for me, as I grew up in Melbourne. My father brought me right here every week to watch the football. As MCC members we would sit on the green benches.”

Bravery Trust Ambassador Flight Lieutenant Adon Lumley delivered a keynote speech to the Melbourne Football Club at their Presidents Function as part of Anzac Day commemorations.

“As a current serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force and avid AFL player, it is incredibly humbling to be asked here this evening to share my thoughts and experiences on such a significant occasion,” FLTLT Lumley said.

FLTLT Lumley also paid homage to Bluey Truscott, who was a transformational figure in the Melbourne Football Club, a talented footballer, humble leader and a ‘ripper bloke’. Bluey is one of MFC’s greatest and is also one of ours (Air Force).

“Across my career I have realised that I am a custodian of the ANZAC legacy, an ordinary Australian who through my role gets to add a chapter to this story,” FLTLT Lumley said.

“I ask that you honour the service and sacrifice of those who have gone before us, through tonight’s match, of our great game, AFL. That is the power of sport, it transcends age, time and culture. It has the ability to reach the hearts of many.”

Supporting Those Who Serve

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