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Team Development Day

Mar 03 , 2016
After many weeks of planning the first ever Bravery Trust Team Development Day kicked off on Wednesday, 3rd February in typically warm Perth weather. The purpose of the day was to enable better communication across the team and for all of us to find ways of working more efficiently.

After an al fresco breakfast overlooking the glorious Swan River the day commenced with consultant psychologist Shawn Price from Positive Intelligence delivering an entertaining and insightful overview of the Birkman Method, a scientifically developed personal assessment that integrates behavioural, motivational and occupational data to predict behaviour and work satisfaction.

A quick mini bus transfer saw the team arrive at Karrakatta’s Irwin Barracks, one of the largest dedicated Army Reserves bases in Australia, where we enjoyed lunch in the mess hall and then got straight into the main action – simulated weapons training using the Steyr Assault Rifle and the F89 Minimi Machine Gun. This was followed by a lap of the barracks in the pride of the Australian Army’s troop carrier, the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV). Many of the team were surprised by its level of comfort, including air conditioning!

The day concluded with a low-key, relaxed BBQ back at Sunset. It was widely lauded as a huge success.  We learnt something about ourselves and how other members of the team work in different styles.  There was lots of discussion about how we can work together in a more productive way.It was also very insightful to meet Defence members at Irwin Barracks and gain a better understanding of their environment.

Elle Sharon vehicle
Elle Macdonald and Sharon Tee enjoying a close up inspection of the army 4WD.
The BT team get a better understanding of the Birkman Method with consultant Shawn Price.
Board member Jane McAloon getting instruction on how to use a machine gun.