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Garth Callender

Garth Callender is a former Major in the Australian Army who is currently working with the NSW state government on planning and delivering the Veterans Employment Program across the NSW public sector, which matches veterans with fulfilling careers in public sector roles.

As a junior Army officer in Iraq in 2004, Garth was critically injured in an IED blast during a routine escort convoy for Australian diplomats. He was the first Australian casualty of the Iraq conflict to require evacuation overseas, eventually returning to Australia for extensive rehabilitation. He redeployed to the Middle East 12 months later, leading a team to identify insurgent bomb makers.

Garth said of his appointment, “Proud members of the military don’t always fall on their feet. Thankfully Bravery Trust is there to help when times get tough. I am extremely proud to be an ambassador for Bravery Trust, assisting to highlight and overcome many of the issues facing the contemporary veteran community.”

In announcing the two appointments, Bravery Trust CEO Sean Farrell said, “Both Kevin and Garth are highly respected individuals who have demonstrated strong integrity and leadership in their fields of endeavour. They bring to the Trust a high profile and unique understanding of the issues our ADF veterans experience. I am delighted to welcome them to our team.”