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We thank Coles customers for their support of Aussie Diggers

Dec 21 , 2015


Coles and Bravery Trust would like to thank customers for their generous support of Aussie diggers and their families during the recent Remembrance Day campaign which ran from 28 October through to 11 November 2015.

The money raised through this campaign brings the total amount raised by Coles during 2015 to more than $800,000.

These funds will be vital to help support hundreds of returned servicemen and women and their families, all of whom make great sacrifices during their service and deployments. The most pressing need for financial support is in the areas of education, housing and utility bills, transport, food and special health care needs.

Coles Managing Director John Durkan thanked Coles customers and team members for showing their support for Bravery Trust.

“This cause is close to home for our team members and customers, with many who have family or friends – or are themselves – involved in the Defence Force. It’s great to see so many people helping to raise much needed funds to support Aussie service veterans and their families“ he said.

Bravery Trust, formerly known as the ADF Assistance Trust, was established in 2012 to provide financial and practical support to diggers and their families in times of need. Since commencing the partnership in April 2014, Coles has raised a total of $3.7 million for the Trust.