About Us

Our Story

Bravery Trust was created by Veterans in 2012 to address a critical gap.  Bravery Trust’s main purpose is to provide urgent financial assistance to veterans and their families in their time of need. Bravery Trust doesn’t compete with any other military charity but rather we work with all of them to achieve a better outcome for the people we help.

Our organisational vision is that no family suffers financial hardship as a result of their sacrifice for the nation. We believe the freedoms enjoyed by all Australians are protected by the sacrifices of our veterans, their families, and the families of the fallen. It is as a grateful nation that we provide them financial support in times of need and tragedy, whilst also assisting them with resources and opportunities to lead productive lives in the community.

"The best way to honour those who have bravely fought for their country is to support them and their families in their hour of need.”
Peter Fitzpatrick, Chairman of Bravery Trust